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Sarah Jones

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Hello! I'm Sarah Jones. 


      I have always enjoyed being around children. 

In 2013 I decided to enrol at Canadore College in the Early Childhood Education program. After graduation, I had worked at two public childcares in North Bay and Sudbury for many years. I had also operated a successful home childcare in Blind River for 2 years. 


      I believe children learn best through play and organized activities geared towards their specific interests. At Tiny Toes, we do follow a monthly theme curriculum, but the activities planned are based on the children's interests.


       At Tiny Toes I focus on preparing the children for what is expected of them in kindergarten. Before the children leave to attend school we work on being able to identify most letters in the alphabet, spell their name, write their name, count to 20, identify numbers 1-10, identifying all primary and secondary colours, and identifying most basic shapes. We participate in circle time every morning after breakfast. I also try to get the children outside as often as possible. Outdoor time is crucial in children's physical and mental development.    

     I truly believe animals can play a large role in early development, especially dogs. Dogs can aid in social-emotional development in teaching kindness, boundaries, forgiveness and of course, a good snuggle to help cheer up. We have an 8 year old golden retriever named Charlie at our home. He is has a kind, patient spirit and loves playing with the children. He will be present throughout the daycare, mostly napping.

     Most importantly, I let the kids be kids! We encourage creative,

independent thinking through plenty of free play throughout the day. During this time children can use any of the centres in the childcare which promote autonomy, creativity, sharing, and the use of language, math, and various other skills. There is a bulletin board posted at the entrance which includes the ELECT document and weekly learning stories that display the children utilizing these centres and learning during play.

     I am incredibly passionate about what I do. I care for each child as if they were my own. If you are interested in care or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me through phone, email or text. Look forward to hearing from you!

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